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Later life stories


Client: Financial Times X Auriens
Project type: content hub and integrated advertising campaign
Number of series: three
Role: photography art direction, UX & UI design
Year: 2017-18

Background: this project features individuals who are challenging the norms - 80, 90 and 100-year-olds who are not waiting to die but living life to its fullest. The three series of the campaign ran for three months each with a weekly episode online and in the print version of FT Weekend magazine.
Deliverables: I worked on the concepts for the online hub, UX & UI research, article pages, layouts for the printed adverts and tailored images for social media. I also commissioned world-class photographers in Australia, Italy, Japan, Switzerland, UK and USA, created mood boards for each story and art directed the photo shoots in Series I-II.

Auriens Later Life Stories Desktop Homepage
Auriens Later Life Stories — The Zookeeper
Auriens Later Life Stories — The Model
Auriens Later Life Stories — The Artist
Auriens Later Life Stories — The Luthier
Auriens Later Life Stories — The Sailor
Auriens Later Life Stories — Print Ads
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