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Sub rosa Redouté

Ring design

Project type: engagement ring.
Role: design.
Production: R.I.O.A., Milan.
Year: 2004.

Background: This is an engagement ring I designed for my then girlfriend — now wife for more than 15 years — and then had it crafted by an Italian artisanal jeweller based in Milan, Italy.
It represents a crown made out of roses and petals. I gave it the name of 'Sub rosa Redouté' thinking about the latin locution 'sub rosa' — literally 'under the rose' — which denotes secrecy and confidentiality. On the other side since her favourite flowers are roses I got inspiration from Belgian painter Pierre-Joseph Redouté — aka 'le Raphaël des fleurs' — to complete the name of the ring.

Details: A round brilliant cut solitaire with 0.3 carats centre diamond ring in 18k white gold, three shoulder diamonds and six claws.

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