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Client: Financial Times X Auriens
Project type: integrated advertising campaign
Role: art direction, illustration
Illustrators: Giulio Cipone, Gianfranco Fagotto, Paola Handley
Motions graphics: Jay Amadi
Year: 2018

Background: the advertising campaign focuses on health tech, finance planning, travel and arts for Auriens' HNWI clients. I initially worked on the lock-up for FT, Auriens and overall logo for the whole project. The overarching concept is made of surrealistic-inspired and stylish collages that portray the world of Auriens' clients through the use of photographic imagery. The tone of the creatives is modern, aspirational, intelligent, witty, positive and elegant.
Deliverables: elegant digital animations in cinematic style were developed for each topic to go on leadersboards, half pages and MPUs, as well as print adverts, event marketing collateral and images for social media.

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