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Smart Tech

Project type: branded content campaign
Role: art direction
Web development: Weiyu Tang
3D exhibition: Kunst Matrix
Year: 2022

Client. Financial Times X Google Cloud.

Project title. Smart Tech.

Background. Business resilience through smart use of data can positively impact the bottom line.

Key objective. To highlight how Google Cloud's observational data and technology can enable smarter business decisions and better investments as well as drive sustainable business transformation, considering current and future environmental challenges.

Deliverables. Three stories with infographics and videos, digital display ads for ft.com, a sustainability-focused 3D exhibition, and social media assets for the various platforms.

Campaign duration. One month.

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Google Cloud 3D Immersive Gallery
Google Cloud Homepage
Google Cloud Palm Oil Production
Google Cloud Video
Google Cloud Accuracy Landing Technology
Google Cloud Retail Industry Costs
Google Cloud Related Content
Google Cloud Mobile Version
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