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Project type: branded content hub.
Role: photography art direction, UX & UI design.
Photographer: Christopher Jeney.
Year: 2019.

Client: Financial Times X Laurent-Perrier.
Key objective: showcase the excellence of Champagne Grand Siècle. By inviting consumers to explore the meticulous craftsmanship behind this extraordinary champagne and providing guidance on the optimal ways to enjoy it, the campaign aims to enhance brand perception, engage the audience, and create a sense of luxury and sophistication.
Target audience: HNWI, HTSI luxury & lifestyle readers, and champagne enthusiasts worldwide.
Approach: research > brand experience > brand activation and roll out.
Deliverables: the tailor-made website features 10 diverse articles exploring various subjects such as recreating the perfect year, champagne composition, iconic bottle design, cellars, and selecting the right glassware. Exclusive photography was commissioned to vividly illustrate the different articles. In addition, digital display ads, including MPUs, half pages, and leaderboards, were thoughtfully designed to effectively promote the campaign.
Campaign duration: one month.

Laurent-Perrier Mind Map
Laurent-Perrier Desktop Homepage
Laurent-Perrier Desktop Article Page
Laurent-Perrier Mobile version
Laurent-Perrier Mobile version
Laurent-Perrier Mobile version
Laurent-Perrier Mobile version
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